Dr. Cathy Cook here, and I have some very exciting news to share with you!

I want to begin by letting you know how much your love, loyalty and unwavering support has meant to me over the years. Many of you have watched me as I have grown from an ever-curious adolescence, admiring my illustrious father Dr. Henry L. Cook’s love and dedication to dentistry. This admiration evolved into passion pulling me into my own dental career beginning at 1190 with my father, and subsequently leading me to open my own bubbling practice, Cook Dental Care, where I have been blessed to provide gentle dentistry for the past nine years.

Today I wanted to personally announce that The Cook legacy continues; We’re moving home! Cook Dental Care on Warm Springs Road will now be located on 1190 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd effective October 17th 2022. Don’t worry, we will still be Cook Dental Care if you’re looking for us, our location will be the only thing that has changed.

Join us for our grand re-opening November 18, 2022 @ 1:00pm at the 1190 location. We are so excited to see you where the legacy all began, and for you to see all the new and exciting changes we have made!

Thank you again, for all your love and support
Dr. Cathy Cook

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Welcome to Cook Dental Care

At Cook Dental Care, your comfort, dental health, and smile are our priority! Dr. Cathy Cook and our team love providing gentle, thorough dental care to children, teens, adults, and seniors. We understand that your oral-health needs are as unique as you, so we’ll find the treatments right for your situation.

We emphasize minimally invasive treatments that deliver the best results. We also stress patient education, and preventive care that stops problems before they begin.

As a patient-focused office, we want to get to know you on a personal level. We love the friendships we develop with those in our care, and are happy to spend our days helping improve the smiles of our friends.


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